Neo Classical Shred Guitar Study MEGA COURSE

The Complete Shredder's System

The Guitar Divination


Neo Classical Enchantment - 12 week course

Speed Guitar Methodology - 4 week course

Contemporary Shred Guitar - 7 week course

Stunt Guitar

The secret of improvising with advanced licks

Sweep Picking Madness

Guitar Wizardry II

Arcane Speed Concept of Alternate Picking


Guitar Wizardry

Speed Pentatonics

The Blues Scale SpeedSystem

Neo Classical Terminology


Advanced Tapping - Physical book

Advanced Arpeggios

Sweep picking 8 finger tapping

Arpeggio Sentiment

The science of alternate picking

Ultimate Arpeggio Implementation System

Sweep Picking Virtuosity

8 Finger Tapping


Otherworldly Revolution

The Next Generation 8 Finger Tapping



Modern Shred

Super Techniques

Guitar Extravaganza

The songs of Sages Recital and Niels Vejlyt ebook plus backing tracks 

Essential music theory for guitar players

Ebook Alternate Picking Guarantee

10 Shreds


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