Practice alternate picking together with me... I will show you exactly how I developed my technique through the years and sort of take you by the hand showing you precisely what to do at all the steps I went through and still do today ! This way you ensure what you always wanted.... to be able to play REALLY FAST ALTERNATE PICKING
Important ! the lessons will be presented to you when it is time in the development of alternate picking so when you log in the first day you will only be presented with a bunch of videos that you have to follow really close.
Then after a few days you will get an email from me telling you what to do next and to log in to get a new lesson.
Then after that every other week you will get an email from me with new directions and a new lesson to keep your development in progress.
So grab your guitar, log in and open today's lesson. I Will start really slow and build up the tempo together with you to the metronome
When you log in, the first thing you will do is to check out the tablature os follow along the video on where to put your fingers. Then the speed session starts
We will work on the same lesson for a day or two and then we will ad one more working on alternate picking too
But the most important in this course is not necessarily the drill. It's that you keep the promise to yourself that you will practice every day
  • new lessons every other week and sometimes more

  • tablature

  • video tutorials

17 EURO a month

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