You will learn to make use of ALL the arpeggios "in the book"

This program gives you the system that makes you capable of playing highly advanced arpeggios pretty much anywhere on the guitar neck, from the low E string, the A string and the high E string.
On top of that the system allows you to develop the chosen arpeggio as you play, what this means to you is that you can start out in a simple triad arpeggio ending up in something as crazy as a major thirteen arpeggio.
The system is created so it's extremely applicable which again means to you that you in most arpeggios change one finger or one note that transforms your arpeggio to say a major nine to a major eleven. Or a major eleven into a major thirteen.
Finally you will actually learn to USE these arpeggios in your own playing which is the highest value you can get in an instructional program. This is made sure of using charts showing each arpeggio how they fit into the pertaining scale
Also if this werent enough you will get inspiring backing tracks in different genres in any key to test your skills in a real musical situation
Not your standard Backing tracks
The tracks are multi layered with guitars and drums and they are pieces of music in themselves as opposed to your typical backing tracks which mostly are created out of necessity instead of a real piece of music created by a real musician, this of course inspires to play and practice much more than a lousy midi track would do
You get

  • 140 + minutes of video

  • 15 high quality backing tracks

  • 51 pages documents

  • tablature and standard notation

  • charts

50 EUR

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