Follow these seven simple steps to master extreme legato chops in actual music situations. 4 and a half hours of video, Jam tracks, practice along tracks and an ebook

  • improve the agility of your fretting hand
  • Totally kick your flexibility in the rear
  • Effective workout program that can be utilized NOW
  • Learn to play large intervals
  • Avoid limited practicing ability
  • Perfect your sound by playing Legato without the pick
  • Master playing as fast as possible
  • Create equal quality of notes in any interval possible
  • Master shifting between rhythmic groupings
  • Tighten up your playing
  • Make the Metronome your friend
  • Learn killer Legato chops from beginner to insane level
  • Master three and four notes per string in multiple scales
  • Get the smooth sound of Legato in arpeggios
  • Learn to avoid string noise when playing string skipping
  • Make your chops into multiple sequences
  • Experience the chops in several different musical examples
  • Tools to instantly using advanced licks in your playing
  • Make your licks flexible to use in different scale types
  • Play with a real band recorded by real musicians
  • Get the experience of rehearsing the chops in different styles
  • Get the tools to quickly implement chops in conjunction with the scales
  • Closely monitor your day to day practice
  • See the actual improvement happen sometimes every day
  • Get the satisfaction from discovering that you too can master anything you put your mind to

Play fast right from the get-go

This technique will make you ready and able to shred at the speed of light in any situation. You will also be able to play those large intervals in your chops that creates that out of this world sound of shred guitar."

"In this part I'm going to show you a very effective way to play extremely fast right from the get go without having to warm up.

The tricks and secrets

"Here we dig in deep with all the tricks and secrets that might have been holding you back before from playing as fast as possible and avoiding the staccato sound that often sneaks into legato licks plus how to avoid losing note quality when you play large intervals."

Master perfect timing

"You will get the tools to avoid the typical off timing sound that hammer on´s and pull off´s often create so you are able to create legato lines in pre - created rhythmical groupings. "

Get the sure fire way to attain new chops

"Not only will you learn these killer chops, but you will also learn a sure fire method to attain new chops and techniques almost instantly because I included the necessary steps that ensures the succession of the chops without the strain. "

Implement extremely advanced licks

"These sections that follow every single lick in several different styles you will get the possibility to improvise using not only the licks, but also from different scale types and learning the instant way to implement extremely advanced chops into your own personal way of playing. "

Reach your goals NOW

"Its such a cool way to write all your wishes down on the following charts and see them unfold like magic when you follow the examples and practicing tips. So you can keep your practicing log and monitor how fast you reach your goals. "

Plus 2 Awesome Bonus Video´s. 50$ Value

Become a versatile player

  • This video is a great and easy to understand example on how to create a ripping solo
  • Making use of multiple techniques such as Sweep Picking, Tapping, Legato and much more
  • Created especially to leverage you passion for practicing very advanced techniques
  • To make you a versatile player you must master as many techniques as possible so you will never sound like you are repeating yourself and to be able to create either the sound that inspired you or that you want to reproduce
  • Alternate Picking, Sweep picking, Legato, Tapping, sliding and bends are represented en masse in this video
  • And even presented as an example in a solo slash instrumental piece

Exotic Shred

  • Attain the knowledge now !
  • Bulgarian Minor scale
  • Harmonic Minor Scale
  • The Chines Scale
  • Diminished Scale
Learn to use crazy scales like these over a standard chord progression
Finally Making It Easy To Use Exotic Scales
"In this bonus program we are going to solely focus on making a use of very exotic scales in a standard chord progression and adding some weird and crazy scales to your shredding vocabulary."
Over 4 hours of video, Jam tracks, practice along tracks and a Book

50 EUR

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