Get a theoretical revelation

The first thing that you will learn in this book is a basic understanding of how the scales, chords and licks all pertain to each other. Once you get this it feels like a revelation because to most guitar players after grasping this fundamental core it feels like everything falls into place. And whether you are a Metal guitarist, a Fusion guitarist or a Rock player - these basic principles are crucial

Start using crazy advanced techniques when you improvise

You will start by learning to use Triad Sweep picking Arpeggios like it was the most natural thing in the world when you improvise. It will sound and look like these awesome chops will just fall from your hand at the drop of a dime. After this you will learn to add Tapping arpeggios, Advanced Sweep picking and even a section dedicated to Extreme Licks. You will also learn Altered chops that can be used to create an "outside" sound

Amazing scale combinations

You will learn an easy way to start using Harmonic Minor and Melodic minor. The typical problems with learning new scales is that it often becomes an exhausting job and feels like starting over again. But here we will take the Major scales patterns and see how they pertain to the new scales for a much easier implementation

The super easy implementation system

You will also learn a super cool and express way to start implementing new licks into year playing. This means that you can just improvise and solo the way that you normally do but almost without any effort at all you will learn to hatch on new chops. This system is a super fast way to add new material to your playing

Charts makes all the difference

All the super advanced licks will be shown to you on charts that reveals exactly what it is you have to see or visualize to go from the Theoretical phase to the Practical. It's such a cool system that even makes it possible to avoid learning theory which is how most guitar players start over

Yes this becomes music and not just showing off

You get jam tracks for each key and for all the scales we discuss in the book and video so you will master the sweet combination of creating music with the scales and add the awesomeness of the advanced and extreme chops

  • 94 minutes of video
  • Jamtracks
  • 69 page beautiful ebook
  • 37 Jamtracks

35 EUR

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