• Develop your technique to become a master from beginner, novice or expert
  • Download Jam tracks and backing tracks as an inspiring element in learning to use the new material in your playing
  • Get the practicing tools that makes the learning process fun and inspiring but most important makes sure you become able to use the material in a real situation and not just for practicing
  • You also get new action plan videos that makes sure you stay focused and on track to get the results becoming the best you can be
  • On screen theory tools that finally makes music theory easy to understand and most of all practical for specific style and taste
  • Contemporary and outrageus never before seen techniques presented
  • New and essential methods of practicing to get faster results even in very advanced techniques

Develop your skills to fit any musical situation you can ever experience using

  • Alternate picking
  • Sweep picking
  • Legato
  • Economy picking
  • Tapping
  • Multi tech licks
  • Extreme techniques and Stunt guitar

But most importantly get the tools that secures you actually master the material in a natural way. So when you go for band practice or just sit down and noodle with the guitar the newly acquired material are available in your playing without you having to go through a long thinking process to be able to use the material

  • Sign up to the 16 week video course with jam tracks
  • And the special system that makes sure you successfully incorporate the material into your playing no matter how technically difficult the material is
  • About 29 hours of video
  • New jam tracks every week
  • Loads of documents and tablature


  • Theory book and video

  • Shred Trax (insane shred songs tutorial)

Three payments of 75 EUR (each month three times)
One payment of 200 EUR (save 25 EUR)

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