Sages Recital and Niels Vejlyt Biography

I Niels Vejlyt(guitars and orchestrations) started Sages Recital in 2012 with the intention of creating the most intense over the top Neo Classical and Symphonic metal featuring a myriad of guitars and orchestrations. Jakob Vand(drums) joined forces and finally John West(Royal Hunt) did the vocal duties on the debut studio album also named Sages Recital. Several guest recorded on the second Sages Recital album like Fabio Lione(Rhapsody of Fire/Angra) together with John West. Franck Hermanny(Adagio) and Henrik Brockmann(Evil Masquerade) guested on the debut album. Sages Recital combines the Bombastic and intense Neo Classical Metal with the concept story world of Fantasy. A magical realm of wizards and Dragons. The third Sages Recital album is in the making. My personal second album was also released in 2017 very much in the same style as Sages recital, extremely intense and Neo Classical. The album is called Concerto and features long time friend Jaokob vand on Drums and Bernardo Fesch on Bass and then also Yuhki(Galneryus/Ark Storm) on keyboard. Im looking forward to tell you about the next Sages Recital albums as well as my solo albums. Cheers Niels

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